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Membership Categories

North Stars' membership categories include individual (solo) and family/household memberships.  There are some differences in the sign-up process and the access privileges depending on whether the member is the primary member, secondary or tertiary member. 
Individual memberships are not linked to any other member accounts; they are responsible for themselves and their own information. They have full membership privileges to log-in on the members-only sections of the website, renew membership and register for events or trips and serve as a trip leader or on various committees and the Board of Directors.  
Family/household memberships
Family or household memberships are a way for a group to join together as a related unit.  Three sub-categories in a household membership are used for administrative purposes. 
A primary member is created when setting up a family/household membership. A primary member is like the "account holder" who is responsible for dues payment/renewal.  The primary membership is linked to one or more secondary member accounts in the club database roster. A primary member can set-up and manage secondary and tertiary accounts.  
Secondary members are enrolled under a primary account assigned to a "family/household" membership type. Secondary members have their own log-in identity within the system, but their membership status is linked to the primary membership and renews or expires as the primary membership renews or expires. Both primary and secondary members are considered full members--each has full privileges to access all members-only website information, can register and pay for trips and events. Membership dues payment and renewal for family/household memberships are done through the primary member's account. 
Tertiary members can be added to a family/household account, but they cannot log-into the website to access members-only information or trips/events. Tertiary memberships can streamline event/trip registration for children by their parents or grandparents. 
Primary or Secondary members can vote on club business, lead trips/events, moderate a discussion forum, serve on committees and the Board of Directors. Tertiary members are not allowed to fill these roles because they cannot log into the website independently. They do not receive direct communication from the club.  
Member Interests
North Star members can indicate their interest areas in their personal profile.  Member interests foster connections and communication within the club.  "Member Interests" are important for club communication among various sub-groups.  Members are strongly encouraged to update their profile by selecting among the following interest areas: 
• Cross Country Skiing            • Biking / Cycling             • Hiking         • Paddling / Water sports     • Snowshoeing
• Wednesday Wanderers        • Parents and Kids          • Singles       • Receive weekly e-Loype
• Volunteer Opportunities        • Receive Program Announcements
• Metro Regions (Central, NE, NW) Greater MN        

Sign-up for Your Member Interest-Based Sub-Groups

The link above takes you to a page where members can indicate your specific interest areas (listed above) in your membership profile.  This information helps the club communicate with you and helps members get to know other members with similar interests.